Loss of Baggage

You will be reimbursed (up to the maximum limit in the policy), for the value of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed baggage.

Loss of Credit/Debit Card

You will be reimbursed for unauthorized credit/debit card charges made by a third party, after the date of theft or loss of the credit/debit card

Delay departure

You will be compensated in case of flight, international train or sea vessel you are booked on is delayed for more than 12 hours due to major causes.

Sport Activity

Banana boating, cycling, deep sea fishing, golf, hiking, horse riding, jet skiing, mountain biking, netball, parascending over water, safari in a vehicle, scuba diving to a depth of 30 metres with a qualified instructor, snorkelling, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, walking, water skiing, windsurfing

Emergency medical and associate expenses

You or your personal representative will be reimbursed for necessary and unforeseen emergency: - Medical fees incurred while traveling - Hospitalization plus additional transportation and lodging expenses for a person staying with the insured - Repatriation fees in case of serious illness, accident or death

Personal Liability

You will be reimbursed any agreed on costs that relate to anything you cause during your journey, for which you are legally liable and result in injuring another person, loss or damage to property, damage to accommodation you are using.


  • Allianz supports and concretes quality assistance 24 hours a day through Mondial Assistance Group, a worldwide leader in assistance, travel insurance and customer service.
  • Three different programs to suit your needs: First Class, Business  and Economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call 24 hours a day 365 days a year or Email Tel no# +97142708713,

Report the theft or loss to the police within 24 hours of discovery and ask them for a written police report. Original card statement showing the fraudulent transactions made. Respond of e-mail ( 9:00 am to 04:30 pm)

Economy package will Cover Up to 80 age, Business and 1st Class package will Cover up to 65 age.
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